Welcome to the official website for the animated short film Mariza.


Here you will find a lot of information about the film, the music and the creator. You will also have the chance to discover arts and crafts associated with donkeys and fish! Please feel free to explore the website and see everything there is!

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Meet Mariza!

She is a sashy, happy and strong donkey with a mind of her own! She loves her owner but work not so much.

This is Nikos!

He is a fisherman and a hard worker! He spends his nights at sea catching fish and his days in the town market trying to sell what he caught. He sees Mariza as partner in work. 

This is a fish!

It is…. well…. a fish. This is what the whole fuss is about. It doesn’t have a voice but still, it is the most important part of Mariza and the fisherman’s life.